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Welcome to a new world of auto detailing

Buff’d offers a new waterless detailing method. 

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The easiest, most ultra-convenient way to clean or completely detail your car right where it is parked!!

BUFF’D!! Corporate America’s On Demand Waterless Auto Detailing, a proud Partner with The Birmingham Parking Authority, is finally here! The only “on demand” service in the Country where you can order a wash or complete detail of your car right where it sits! Our Technicians apply biodegradable,
High-quality products that save water and suds, are perfectly safe on your car’s paint, trim, glass and interior, and the best part is we do all the work!!

No more driving through rain tunnels, or standing in a messy wash bay with a hose and wand brush! No more rigorous vacuuming, no more cleaning brake dust off your wheels and tires, no more struggling to get streak-free glass and no more wasted time fussing with spiffing up your cloth or leather interior!

BUFF’D!! is the newest and best on-demand service in the world that saves you time and money, and lets you work on something else besides keeping your vehicle shiny clean and spotless!

Automatic discounts apply to all new customers, and once you try BUFF’D!! ultra-convenient wash and detail service, you will never want to get your car cleaned any other way!!


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